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Company profile

Tai Jinn was established in 1968 and led by Mr. Chung Shin Tsai. At the primitive stage, a wide variety of stainless hardware accessories and portable tool case were exported to American and European markets. In 1987, Tai Jinn cooperated in a technical partnership with the German company, Wilhelm Bott GmbH & Co. KG, to produce heavy-duty cabinets for industry purposes. Since then, Tai Jinn has expanded its business into the storage equipment manufacturing field. In 1992, Tai Jinn became an agent of German Hanel GmbH & Co. KG.., producing automatic storage equipment for sale in Taiwan market. In 1999, Tai Jinn and German Mauser Office GmbH worked together to produce mobile shelving. Our versatile products in the field of storage equipment are praised for their high quality and have given Tai Jinn a very high reputation. After years of efforts, our products now include a variety of storage logistics equipment from basic heavy-duty racking to heavy-duty mobile racking, push-back racking, drive-in racking, light/medium duty racking, and mobile storage cabinets. The versatile range of products we offer can therefore meet different customer’s needs and offer complete solution plans.
  • 1968  Tai-jinn, established by Mr. Chung Shin Tsai., produced stainless handrails.
  • 1973  Produced portable tool case for export to European and American markets.
  • 1974  Passed the evaluation by China Shipbuilding Corp (CSBC) to become a provider of CSBC on producing hardware accessories for ships.
  • 1985  Exported plastic products and was awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as an outstanding exporting corporation.
  • 1987  Cooperated technically with German Wilhelm Bott GmbH & Co. KG. on producing Bott heavy duty Cabinets.
  • 1989  Passed the evaluation by Navy R& D center as a satellite factory offering parts for the second generation war ship of Guan-hua plan.
  • 1992  Signed contract with German Hanel GmbH & Co. KG and became its agent in Taiwan, selling vertical carousels/vertical lift storage equipment.
  • 1995  Began to produce warehouse racking and became the first manufacturer in Taiwan that adopted a full-automation production line.
  • 1997  The first manufacturer in Taiwan successfully developed the racking system for AS/RS system.
  • 1999  1999 Cooperated with German Mauser Office GmbH technically on producing mobile shelving.
  • 2000  ISO9001 international research and development quality certification
  • 2003  Tai Jinn built the first racking-base compact freezer in Taiwan in 2003.
  • 2004  Successful investigation on Mobile Racking Systems
A33 積層料架(貨架 物料架)工程
中型料架(貨架 物料架)工程
全聯 重型料架(貨架 物料架)工程
全聯 重型料架(貨架 物料架)工程
牧昌 後推式料架(貨架 物料架)工程
懸臂架(貨架 物料架)工程
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