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Business Philosophy


We attend to every detail and continually focus on finding solutions for problems that exist in the field. We always offer the best quality and service to our customers.


We are continually researching and developing; satisfying our customers by offering them innovative designs and products.


We keep every promise we give to our customers. We care about our customers’ feelings.


We deeply believe that offering our employees the chance to grow and learn, giving our customers the best solution and service, and having a great competitive ability give us a strong foundation on which Tai-jinn will run perpetually.


A33 積層料架(貨架 物料架)工程
中型料架(貨架 物料架)工程
全聯 重型料架(貨架 物料架)工程
全聯 重型料架(貨架 物料架)工程
牧昌 後推式料架(貨架 物料架)工程
懸臂架(貨架 物料架)工程
Counts : 6611
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